Freebie Friday: Weekly Meal Planning

It's another Freebie Friday and this time I have an insert for you!

Well, technically, I designed it with the intention of putting this in a frame or something so it can be reused over and over with a dry erase marker... but you can use it any way that you want!

This is a meal planning printable for you!

To be honest, I've meal planned halfheartedly in the past. It never really bothered me if I didn't follow through with my planned meals.

Now, it's a totally different ballgame! I live in the middle of nowhere so it's kind of important to plan my meals and the groceries I need. I've been pretty good about it and the people I live with are happy with the meals that I prepare. (I'm the only one that really cooks in the house.)

Anyway, I needed a meal planning printable that would help me out.

With this, I can plan out meals for the week and make a list of groceries I'll need to buy. Like I mentioned earlier, I intended for this to be something for me to put in a frame so I don't have to print it out repeatedly. I like to write out my grocery list on the framed insert and then transfer it to my phone because it's easier for me to check things off on my phone.

At this moment, it's only available in letter size.

Click here for the PDF.

Please enjoy and if you use this printable, please don't forget to tag me on any social media posts. I love seeing how you use my printables!

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Happy Planning!


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